Conficker worm hits Oxford Brookes University


The Conficker virus has claimed another high-profile victim, this time the computer network of Oxford Brookes University.

The University's computer services department confirmed that the network had been affected by a "sustained and significant" attack, involving a version of the Conficker virus.

Network services including servers and desktop PCs were affected, and included a temporary shut down of pooled computer room PCs.

A computer services statement said it was busy working on the pooled room computer network, but it had resulted in unplanned interruptions.

"There is a considerable amount of work already underway to identify and disinfect infections across the network services," the university's computer services team said in a statement.

"You may also find some network services are slow, so please be patient. This situation should improve and we'll continue to keep you updated."

It supported the head of the Conficker Working Group Rodney L. Joffe's contention that the Conficker worm was alive and well, with both private and public sector businesses regularly coming forward with suspected problems.