McAfee offers ‘unlimited’ online backup service

Security firm McAfee has announced an unlimited online backup service, which will be available in Britain by the end of the year.

The unlimited' nature of the service means that users shouldn't have to worry about what files to backuo, but in the small print it does say that backup performance would be subject to upload and download limits set by a user's ISP.

It is only so far available in the US on a 30-day trial with an annual subscription of $59.99, but it should make it to Britain by the end of the year.

McAfee has made it clear that the service is targeted at consumers, but like Microsoft's recent free Security Essentials anti-virus package home offices and small businesses could see it as a cheap and viable option too.

"The McAfee Online Backup service addresses many of consumers' concerns about safely and easily storing their important files with unlimited storage capacity," said Brent Remai, vice president of consumer marketing at McAfee, in a statement.

"It completely eliminates the hassle of backup," he claimed. "Set-up takes just a few easy steps, and then the service securely backs up files automatically at regular intervals."