Google: Many don't know what a browser is

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Monopolies aside, one of the major issues in the browser market is that many people don't actually know what browser they use, according to Google.

While the EU is forcing Microsoft to push a selection of browsers to help level off the dominance Internet Explorer has enjoyed, Google associate product marketing manager Jason Toff noted that many less tech-savvy people don't even know which browser they use to surf the web.

"Lots of our time each day is spent online, and every page on the web is experienced through the browser," he wrote in a blog post.

"Unfortunately, most people don't realize that there are many browsers out there, which differ on features like speed, security and extensibility," he added.

Following a "not scientific at all" survey, Toff came to the conclusion that just half of us know which browser we use, despite spending so much time using it:

Google Browser graph

He unveiled a new website to help people understand what a browser is and offering links to download different ones - including Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

While such a site is likely unnecessary to the techie types that use their browsers to read Google's blog on a regular basis, Toff suggested people who act as "unofficial tech support" to their less savvy friends and family can use it as a teaching tool.