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iStorage DiskCrypt Mobile Review

If you're carrying sensitive data around on an unsecured portable hard disk, you're asking for trouble. iStorage's DiskCrypt Mobile wants to keep your data safe.

The number pad did not always register our finger's instructions, which was frustrating at times. The worst scenario was when we were trying to change the PIN. The result? A relatively short process turned into an arduous task.

The security focus deepened even further when you get to the inside of the device. Rather than software encryption, it encrypts the data as it is written to the hard drive. So, should anyone steal it, remove the drive and try to use it in another machine, the drive is rendered useless.

Despite this hardware advancement, the set up on the computer is pretty non-existent, unless you need to format the drive. It appears as a mass storage USB device and from there using it to save files or applications to was no different than any other external hard drive. It's compatible with Windows 2000, XP, Linux, and Mac OS X and even Mac OS 9, should you be feeling retro.

Overall, we appreciated the idea and loved the extra mile the company seems to have gone to ensure heightened security. However, even with the sweet black leather pouch, what you get for your money doesn't add up for us. And there's further outlay thanks to the lack of AV adapter and the prospect that should you lose your smartcards you would have to purchase more.

If you have the money to spend and want, or positively need, to feel extra safe go for the DiskCrypt. That said, we'd have to first recommend the Lenovo ThinkPad USB portable drive, as it offers similar benefits for rather less cash.


An extra secure way to transport your hard drive but a little on the pricey side for the quality of the casing and included accessories. A good choice, but we suggest you shop around before shelling out more than 200.

Model: DiskCrypt Mobile 128bits (also available in 256bits) Enclosure type: 2.5in external USB enclosure Bus Interface: USB 2.0 – Firewire 400/800 Compatible drives: 2.5in SATA-I/II Dimensions: 130mm x 78mm x 22mm (LxWxH)

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