Palm Pre finally goes on sale in UK stores

Palm Pre

The Palm Pre is finally available to buy in the UK.

It's been a long 10 months since the device was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this year, and many months since the Pre hit US shelves.

The device is now available for free on a monthly contract exclusively from 02 - the very same operator which has held iPhone exclusivity, and is set to lose it by the end of the year.

Palm Pre

Although the backlash against the Pre has already kicked off, the generally solid reviews - click here for our reviewer's take on the Pre - have lead many to line it up as a potential iPhone killer.

Should Apple be worried about Palm's smartphone, or does the iPhone have a tight enough grip on the crown? New research suggests Apple should be wary, but only time will tell if Palm can take the positive reviews to the bank.

Other Apple controversy has followed the Pre. Initially, it offered iTunes access, but every update to Apple's music store seems to block the Pre.

Despite the Pre's successes, the phone hasn't been enough to completely prop up Palm's bottom line - which may be why it has already lined up a successor, in the form of the smaller Pixi.

Want to know more about the much vaunted handset? Click here for our cheatsheet on the Palm Pre.

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