Reviews round-up: Sony's ultra portable

Sony VGN-Z51WG

Ipswitch WhatsUpGold v14 review: Premium Edition

With networks ever more sprawling and complex a comprehensive network monitoring tool is worth its weight in gold. IPswitch WhatUpGold only costs 386, but surely makes it even better value. Dave approves enough to give it a recommended award.

HP Officejet 7000 review

An inkjet may not seem like a natural fit for an office environment but if there as good as the HP OfficeJet 7000 then it's easy to find uses for one. This model can print up to A3+ in size, is fast and delivers great quality.

Parallels Desktop 4.0 Switch to Mac Edition

Business users no longer have to glance over at Mac users with envious eyes. With products such as Parallels Desktop 4, enabling you to run Windows virtualisation, they can have their cake and eat it, and this Switch to Mac edition makes doing so easier than ever. Still our review finds that there are still some rough edges to this latest edition that could do with smoothing over.

[a href="" target="_blank"]Sony VGN-Z51WG[/a]

Our reviewer weighed up the merits of the Sony Vaio VGN-Z51WG and was mightily impressed by its good build, nice looks and superb performance. The only thing that let all this down was the price tag attached.

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