Moblin 2.1 unveiled with 3G support

Moblin logo

The next version of Linux-based netbook operating system Moblin has been unveiled, with updates to 3G and Bluetooth support.

Designed to run on Intel Atom devices, Moblin version 2.1 adds more shine to the system, fixing several hundred bugs and serving up a raft of other new features.

"Much polish and performance improvement was accomplished within this release from the Moblin developers," the Moblin steering committee said in a statement.

Aside from "polishing" up the user interface and adding support for 3G, Moblin also has a new internet browser that "far exceeds" the previous one.

Moblin v2.1

There's also a new application installer, connection manager and animation framework called Clutter 1.0, as well as upgrades to the instant messaging system.

Moblin is also being tweaked to work with more nettops, with scaling added to let the system work with different screen sizes.

Moblin 2.1 was first unveiled at the Intel Developer Forum in September, where Intel said it was looking to put the system onto smartphones.