Reviews round-up: Motorola goes Android

Motorola Milestone/Droid

Toshiba Satellite T-130 13K CULV laptop

We look at Toshiba's Satellite T-130 13k CULV laptop. The snappily named device is looking to take on netbooks. Featuring the same portability and relative low cost of the cheap and cheerful devices, the CULV laptop also has a larger screen and keyboard more at home on a full notebook.

It's not perfect, but it is an interesting addition to the space, our reviewer finds.

Motorola DROID

Motorola's DROID, which feature's the Android OS, hit the US months ago. It's set to be released next week in the UK under the Milestone brand. We take a look at the American version of Motorola's second Android attempt to see what to expect when it arrives here.

Brother MFC-9320CW LED printer

The MFC-9320CW is one of the first LED printers from Brother, better known for its inkjet and laser devices. LED printers have no moving parts, instead using LED elements to light up a photoconductive drum to make the image on the page - which is pretty cool sounding, for a printer. This one gets good grades from our reviewer.

Motorola DEXT

Motorola's first dance with Android is actually pretty impressive, according to our reviewer. It's a bit bulky, but good looking, and has great social networking tools. Still, it's not the most business friendly device.