BakBone updates FASTRecover back up

FASTRecover Version 4.0

BakBone has launched an update to its FASTRecover technology, offering back-up and data replication to businesses with remote offices.

Version 4.0 is designed for businesses of all sizes with multiple sites offering disk back up linked to centralised servers, leaving the management and more complicated infrastructure in the data centre rather than making employees deal with it remotely.

In an interview with IT PRO, Andy Brewerton, technical director for BakBone in Europe, said: "There is a lot of demand from customers for protecting the remote office but they have to invest in infrastructure, training and the costs [add up]."

He added: "With FASTRecover Version 4.0 the infrastructure cost is a lot less, the staff costs are a lot less and management is less allowing you to focus expertise centrally."

Brewerton claimed the solution was scalable, as rather than the number of sites or servers it focuses on the number of data sources, for example backing up MySQL or Exchange.

This means it is open to businesses of all sizes, regardless of site numbers.

The added benefit for the smaller business, however, is the improvement from the traditional tape backup system, according to the company.

"Remote offices historically back-up to tapes and sent them off to a very large library," Brewerton said.

"From a restore perspective this could take a very long time to get things back up and running. With the embedded replication and backup from having FASTRecover on each site, this time is cut," he added.

FASTRecover Version 4.0 can either be shipped as a software product or embedded into hardware. It is available now with prices starting at 6,000 for the first two clients and around 1,500 for each one added.

Jennifer Scott

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