Cardiff becomes UK’s card fraud capital


Cardiff has been named the UK's card fraud capital in new research released today.

But the rest of the UK hasn't escaped the bad guys' clutches unscathed either, with card fraud prevalent in major cities and online card fraud affecting a third of victims.

These are the findings of the annual Card Fraud Index, carried out by CPP, which show that 37 per cent of people living in Cardiff have been a victim of card fraud, compared to 35 per cent in London last year's number one and 30 per cent in Norwich.

This is a rise for Cardiff of 17 per cent since the index began back in 2007.

Overall, the report showed that card fraud has risen in the UK by more than six per cent over the past two years, equalling nearly three million extra people, with more than a quarter of all adults claiming to have fallen victim to the crime.

Cash point and chip and PIN-based cloning accounted for 17 per cent of all cases, according to the index, while almost half (43 per cent) of those affected by card crime didn't know anything was wrong until their bank got in touch.

The average amount scammed out of people was 590 but one in six victims lose over 1,000.

"Our research shows that card fraud continues to affect more victims as fraudsters resort to increasingly sophisticated methods," said Sarah Blaney, card fraud expert at CPP, in a statement.

"We urge all cardholders to be vigilant and take steps to protect themselves to avoid falling victim to card criminals. When out and about never let your card out of your sight. It's also really important to check your bank statements regularly and thoroughly so you can spot any suspicious transactions. These are simple steps that are very effective in the fight against fraud."

Jennifer Scott

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