Microsoft browser ballot to arrive next week

browser ballot

Microsoft will start offering its web browser choice screen to UK users from next week.

Following a deal with the European Commission as the result of an anti-trust case around the bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows, Microsoft agreed to show a screen advising users that there are other browsers on the market - and showing where to go to download them.

Users in the UK, Belgium and France will be able to download the screen to test it from next week, and it will be rolled out via Windows Update starting on 1 March across Europe to anyone with IE installed as their default browser.

Once the browser ballot is downloaded and installed, Windows will pop up a first screen explaining what is going on.

Web Browser Ballot

Under each browser icon, there is the option to install it or find out more - or defer the decision to later.

The browser choice system will also automatically unpin Internet Explorer from the taskbar, so if that's where you'd like it to be, you'll have to go back and add it again. IE won't be uninstalled, however.