Today in tech: IE9 previewed, US gets fast broadband plan

today in tech

Microsoft unveils IE9

A very early preview of Internet Explorer 9 was revealed by Microsoft at MIX10 in Las Vegas. The next version of the IE browser will include HTML5 support and promises to be faster than previous versions. IT PRO

LG confirms Cookie Plus and Cookie Fresh

LG's Cookie Fresh and Cookie Plus handset are set to arrive in the next few weeks, but prices for the mid-range phones have yet to be announced. Know Your Mobile

Mozilla prepares to extinguish Firefox 3.0

Mozilla will release the final update for Firefox 3.0 at the end of the month, as it tries to encourage users to move to Firefox 3.6. PC Pro

US unveils broadband plans

Americans are set to have superfast broadband by 2020, under new plans from the Federal Communications Commission. Parts of the plans will have to be passed by Congress, first. BBC