DoH responds to NPfIT 'implosion' claim

health care IT

The massive tech programme known as the National Programme for IT is set to "implode," according to a report - but the NHS has said its work is continuing.

A report in the Guardian described the 12.7 billion programme as being "close to imploding", which could lead to billions of pounds in legal claims.

A test site at Morecambe Bay Trust is set to go live with patient management software called Lorenzo by the end of this month, but delays are suggesting it won't - giving ammunition to opposition parties arguing the Labour way of rolling out massive IT projects is fundamentally flawed.

The Department of Health said it's "continuing to work" on the project.

"We are continuing to work with the NHS at local level to ensure that the things clinicians have told us are most important to them get delivered," it said in a statement. "By focusing on these priority areas, we will ensure that patients get to benefit from our investment in health care technology whilst at the same time ensuring that the savings announced by the Secretary of State are achieved."

The DoH admitted that the scope of the project had been rolled back, but stressed the cost had too. "We continue to review cost reductions to ensure that the savings obtained are commensurate with the reductions in scope and delivery profile," it said in the statement.

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