Today in tech: Britons spend a day online each month, Palm Pre Plus on O2

today in tech

Britons spend a day online each month

People in the UK spend an average of 22 hours online each day, according to a new study. BBC

Home Office "reconsidering McKinnon extradition"

The new government behind the UK Home Office has said it will reconsider the extradition to the US of hacker Gary McKinnon. PC Pro

Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus to hit UK on 28 May

Palm's Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will arrive in the UK on O2 on the 28 May. Know Your Mobile

London mayor promises city wide WiFi

Boris Johnson has said London will be a wireless city by the time the Olympics start 2012. BBC

British Library to digitise 40 million news pages

The British Library will move its collection of newspapers online over the next decade. IT PRO