Palm Pixi Plus and Palm Pre Plus UK release date announced

Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

The Palm Pre Plus and its little sister the Pixi Plus will arrive in the UK on 28 May via O2, the mobile operator announced today.

The Palm Pre Plus is the follow up to last year's Pre, which arrived amid much excitement but made little mark on the market. Since then, Palm has been picked up by HP, which appears to be working on developing a tablet to run the mobile firm's webOS.

The touch screen Pre Plus has seen a storage bump to 16GB, and also features a slide out qwerty keyboard. It also has a fancy Touchstone Back Cover, which lets it work out of the box with the Touchstone charging dock, if you've got one. The smaller Pixi Plus also features a QWERTY keyboard, but offers less storage. Both phones offer multitasking, GPS and an accelerometer.

The Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will be available in O2 stores and online for free, depending on the contract.

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