Broadband minister says Digital Economy Act won’t be repealed

Jeremy Hunt

The new minister for broadband, Conservative MP Jeremy Hunt, has laid down the law and said there will be no repeal of the Digital Economy Act.

His Liberal Democrat coalition partners just this week called for the bill to be repealed and re-examined but, despite this, Hunt has claimed the Act will stay as it is.

He told news website Paid Content: "We're not going to repeal it."

Instead Hunt said he planned on implementing the Act as it was and waiting to see how things went before considering any changes.

Today Hunt was named as the Government's minister for broadband alongside side his role of minister for culture, media and sport with Ed Vaizey taking up the role of implementing the Digital Economy Act in its current form.

The Digital Economy Bill was passed as an Act during the wash-up phase of the last parliament and received much criticism for being voted through after less than two hours of debate.

ISPs and internet companies, including the likes of Google, BT and TalkTalk all came out against controversial aspects of the bill which involved site blocking and cutting off connections of illegal filesharers.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats and now Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg made a pledge before the election that if his party were to get into power they would repeal the Act and have "the issues revisted."

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Jennifer Scott

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