New Acer monitor taps further into touchscreen

Acer monitor

Acer has launched a new touch screen LCD monitor with an ergonomic design for optimised comfort.

The Acer Touch Monitor T231H offers users the ability to adjust the monitor angle with ease and as soon as the screen has been connected to a PC or notebook, the user can access applications or browse the web with simple touch gestures.

The now standard zoom and rotate functions, exercised by two-finger movements, are present and users also have the ability to annotate the screen while using it.

Images appear on a 58cm (23in) panel in full HD 1920x1080 resolution, while a range of Acer technologies enhance the monitor's visuals.

Acer's eDisplay Management technology enables the user to alter the display and then store each personalised setting for simple access next time the configuration is needed. Adaptive Contrast Management, meanwhile, analyses each scene of video and adjusts the contrast ratio to produce sharper images.

The device also comes with one DVI and one HDMI port for greater connectivity options and improved audio.

The monitor is available now for 319.99.

Acer has released a number of other monitors in the past week, including those in the new H4 LCD series, which can be purchased in either 61 cm (24in) and 58.5 cm (23in) formats, both with full HD 1920x1080 resolution.

The manufacturer has also been working on its B Series LCD screens, available in various sizes to fit differing business requirements. They also feature a wider array of ports for greater connectivity choice.

Elsewhere, Acer has been working on a number of new technologies, including a tablet device.

Tom Brewster

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