Tandberg Data offers protection to SMBs

SMB technology

Tandberg Data has unveiled three new products to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) protect their critical information.

The AccuVault series is designed with several pre-configured features, enabling businesses without the IT expertise in house to quickly deploy the systems.

"While small and medium-sized businesses invariably need the same level of robust data protection as large enterprises, they often need to meet and support that requirement with relatively less IT budget and staffing," said Mark Peters, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

"The Tandberg Data AccuVault appliance exemplifies the kind of technology that can bridge that resource gap by enabling such users to deploy a turnkey backup solution that is simultaneously very well featured yet affordable and very simple to install and manage."

Based on Windows, the desktop machine the AccuVault RDX 1TB and two rackmount products AccuVault 1U 4TB and AccuVault 1U 8TB make up the new product line.

All three come with Tandberg's AccuGuard Enterprise data protection software, featuring source-based deduplication to increase storage efficiency.

The AccuVault RDX 1TB is designed to protect anything up to five servers or workstations. It comes with 1TB of fixed storage but also has 1TB of RDX QuikStor disk drives included to allow for safe offsite storage. The manufacturer suggested retail price comes in at $2,999 (1,947).

The AccuVault 1U 4TB is made for five to 20 servers, whilst the AccuVault 1U 8TB is for 20 to 40. Both models include RAID 5, hot-swappable drives and dual gigabit Ethernet and start from $8,499 and $15,999 respectively.

All three appliances will be available later this month.

Jennifer Scott

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