LG announces Optimus One Android 2.2 smartphone

LG has launched the Optimus One, the first third-party Android smartphone to come equipped with Android 2.2.

Most Android smartphones don't come with the latest version of Android operating system, 2.2 or Froyo, and have to wait for either the manufacturer or their network operator to roll out the update. The new LG Optimus One smartphone will come with Android 2.2 pre-installed.

LG is emphasising the Google-branded applications bundled with 2.2 as a key selling point of the Optimus One. In addition to Google Maps with Navigations and Google Voice Search, there's also Google Goggles and Google Shopper, a barcode scanning app.

LG also highlights the Optimus' ability to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot and improved Exchange support, both features which are also due to Android 2.2. However, LG seem to have installed its own customised user interface which could make it tricky to promptly receive new Android OS updates in future, such as the forthcoming 3.0 release, also known as Gingerbread.

The Optimus One will have a 600MHz processor, a 320x480 pixel touch screen, a three megapixel camera and come bundled with a 2GB microSD card. It will weigh 129g. Oddly, apart from a different appearance, LG's other new Android smartphone, the Optimus Chic, only seems to differ from the Optimus One by having a higher resolution five megapixel camera.

The Optimus One will be released in Europe this October, with the Optimus Chic following in November. LG has yet to confirm pricing on either.

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