Vodafone launches new own-brand smartphones


Vodafone has launched three new own-brand phones all due to be made available by Christmas.

The communications giant has launched one high-end smartphone in the shape of the Vodafone 533.

It features a 2.8in rotatable touchscreen along with a QWERTY side-slider, two megapixel camera, a micro SD card slot with up to 8GB of memory, Opera Mini 5.0 and one-touch access to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger from the homepage.

The 533 also comes with Vodafone's 360 People address book which amalgamates a customer's online contact lists in one place and makes them available both on the phone and on the 360 website, where the details are backed up.

The new Vodafone 945 features the increasingly popular Android OS, a 5MP camera with flash, a 3.2in capacitive multi-touch screen and 300MB of built-in memory that can be increased to 32GB with a micro SD card.

Vodafone has also launched an updated version of the 543, with a new makeover thanks to a collaboration with high-street fashion brand Miss Sixty.