Week in review: Virus hits Iran nuclear power plant, Ballmer bonus woes

Week in review

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In a series of events straight out of an episode of 24, or perhaps a dodgy Tom Clancy potboiler, the Stuxnet worm has apparently infected several computers at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran. Given the sophistication of the malware attack, speculation is rampant that the infestation may have been secretly orchestrated by Israel in an attempt to derail the Islamic Republic's controversial nuclear program. Security experts worry that this attack could be the just the start of more politically-motivated government-sponsored cyber attacks between rival nations.

The bank job

British police have arrested 19 people suspected of being behind the Zeus Trojan botnet. Thousands of personal computers in the UK were apparently infected with malicious code which stole passwords and compromised online bank accounts allowing the alleged thieves to steal millions of pounds.

Aside from panicking Daily Mail readers, the Zeus incident shows just how important it is to take sensible security precautions when using your computer. These include running up-to-date anti-virus software, not clicking on clicks in dodgy looking emails, wearing tin foil hats and watching reruns of The Sweeney and The Bill while doing your online banking.

Ballmer Bonus boo-hoo

In its latest report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the body that regulates the American stock markets among other things, Microsoft has revealed that Steve Ballmer received a bonus of $670,000 for the fiscal year ending 30 June. Although this is equal to his basic salary, it's only half of what he could have received.

Our hearts bleed out in sorrow at the thought of what Ballmer is missing out on as a result of his puny bonus. According to the report, Ballmer missed out on the extra pocket money due to the embarrassing flop that was the Kin smartphone, consumers inexplicably dumping Windows Mobile smartphones for rival devices and the lack of a response to the success of the iPad.

Perhaps Steve could earn some extra cash with his groovy dancing skills?.