Panasonic ToughBook CF-C1 review

Panasonic's latest ToughBook laptop is not only more rugged than other laptops, it also has a touchscreen. Is this enough to justify its high price? Read our review to find out.

In addition to the keyboard and touchpad, the screen flips around and folds back so that the CF-C1 can be used as a tablet PC. The touchscreen is surprisingly responsive, although it will never be as accurate as an iPad since Windows 7 Professional's interface is ill-suited for touchscreen use. Nonetheless it's still useful if you use Windows applications for which there are no iPad/Android-equivalents and need to use them outdoors or in other situations where it may not always be possible to use the keyboard and touchpad. You'll want to use the included stylus, rather than your stubby fingers, for touching the smaller, fiddlier Windows buttons and menus.

The stylus is stored in its own crevice on the right hand side of the CF-C1, while dedicated buttons below the screen allow you to adjust the brightness, bring up the touchscreen keyboard, adjust the screen orientation, lock Windows and switch user accounts. The sturdy hinge means it's unlikely it will be damaged or knocked loose from your desired position, but a physical switch locks it place for peace of mind anyway. A plastic strap and a raised bump for your palm allows you to hold the CF-C1 single-handed quite comfortably.