IT PRO launches Cloud Power channel

IT PRO has launched a new channel, sponsored by Microsoft, called Cloud Power. Designed to be a one-stop resource for not only techies but also decision makers in business, it includes five exclusive videos at launch, with more to follow:

Why Cloud Computing matters to every business

What is Cloud Computing and why should every business sit up and take notice? Microsoft's Mark Taylor and Jon Honeyball explain all, and reveal the different types of Cloud you can choose from: public, private and hybrid.

Reducing hardware costs with Cloud Computing

The costs associated with an IT infrastructure can be significant, and predicting what a business will need months, or even years down the line, is nigh on impossible. Our panel discusses how Cloud Computing can significantly reduce hardware costs, while also improving efficiency.

Reducing software costs with Cloud Computing

Software can be a significant cost consideration, and working out how many licences you'll need over months or years is never easy. But what if you could decide what you needed as you needed it, rather than purchasing in advance, based on estimated needs?

Increasing accessibility with Cloud Computing

With businesses increasingly spread over multiple offices in different regions or countries, it's vital for staff to be able to access all the data they need from anywhere. A distributed workforce also needs tools to make collaboration and file sharing simple. Mark and Jon discuss how cloud computing can bring a distributed workforce together.

Reducing business risk with Cloud Computing

Any change in IT infrastructure brings with it a level of risk, and a shift to Cloud Computing is no different. Mark and Jon discuss the potential pitfalls of switching from a centralised computing model to a cloud solution, and how to make the transition a smooth one.

The channel also includes a number of case studies and features, from A practical guide to identifying the potential in your environment to an answer to one perennial question: What is private cloud?.

Tim Danton

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