Top 10 quotes of 2010

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, in an interview with The Atlantic back in October.

Walt Mossberg: "I notice more and more they [Android phones] are taking on the personality of the carrier, not Google, not the handset maker. There are lots of what I would call craplets. Verizon, for example, swapped out Google for Bing. Is there a danger it is being taken over?"

Andy Rubin: "That's the nature of open. That's actually a feature of Android."

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal interviewing Andy Rubin, Google's vice president of engineering, in December.

"There's no evidence to suggest any Gawker user accounts were compromised, and passwords encrypted / not stored in plain text anyway."

Scott Kidder, Gawker's director of editorial operations, tweeting on December 11th just before the company revealed that hackers had stolen the password details of all its readers, as well as the company's source code and other sensitive information.