2011: Looking back, looking forward

Although the first Light Peak-equipped computers would still need older ports, if the technology catches on then LightPeak-only laptops and tablets could be a lot thinner than they are currently. Although there's no guarantee that the technology will finally appear in 2011, we certainly hope so.

Tom Brewster, staff writer

High of 2010

Let me get this out the way I don't love Facebook. The reason why I've chosen the site's 500 million milestone is because of my opinions on Facebook, namely that it has radically changed the way in which all of us now live.

The fact is, 500 million is a massive number 1/12 of the entire world's population. Facebook was only launched in 2004. Juxtaposed, those two facts are enough to astonish anyone.

It's enthralling to see something that inspires both excitement and scorn grow at such a speed. If uptake carries on at the same pace in the years to come, Facebook will continue to intrigue me for many years ahead.

Low of 2010

After around six years, you have to wonder how the Gary McKinnon case is going on. Politicians in power don't seem to be doing very much and things became more depressing when a WikiLeaks cable showed former Prime Minister Gordon Brown had tried to have the Asperger's syndrome sufferer [a

href="https://www.itpro.com/629008/wikileaks-brown-requested-uk-sentence-for-mckinnon" target="_blank"]kept in the UK[/a] for sentencing but to no avail.


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