Sainsbury’s IT pro busted for Nectar points scam


A Sainsbury's IT manager has been jailed after he stole over 17 million Nectar points from the supermarket chain, it has been reported.

James Stevenson was able to create numerous fake accounts in order to transfer points to his own card, the Old Bailey has heard.

Stevenson used his knowledge of the IT systems to exploit the scheme for his own gain, the BBC reported.

The number of points he transferred had a value of more than 80,000 between November 2003 and May 2004.

It wasn't until seven years later, however, that Stevenson was caught when he used the points to buy groceries.

To have amassed the amount of points Stevenson did, he would have had to have spent 1 million at Sainsbury's every month.

"Our internal systems to prevent fraud are very robust," Sainsbury's said in a statement.

"When the actions of Mr Stevenson came to light we took appropriate action and we are pleased that the legal process has come to an end."

Stevenson admitted to the charges of theft and fraud. He has been sentenced to 20 months in prison but will be allowed out in half that time on licence.

Earlier this month, a KPMG report revealed there were more fraud cases last year than ever before.

There were a total of 314 incidents reported, up 16 per cent on 2009.

Tom Brewster

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