Google on hiring spree in 2011

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Last year may have seen economic crisis, unemployment and stagnation for some companies but not for Google.

The US company has announced it will be hiring more people than it ever has throughout 2011.

Google hired 4500 people last year, the second highest intake in the company's history after 2007, but on the [a href="


+%28Official+Google+Blog%29" target="_blank"]official Google blog[/a], the company said 2011 would be even bigger in terms of recruiting.

"We'll hire as many smart, creative people as we can to tackle some of the toughest challenges in computer science: like building a web-based operating system from scratch, instantly searching an index of more than 100 million gigabytes and even developing cars that drive themselves," said Alan Eustace, senior vice president of engineering and research, on the blog.

The news comes in the same week Google's chief executive (CEO) Eric Schmidt met with Government officials at Downing Street, during which they discussed Google's plans to expand in the UK.

On the table was interest in a project to be based at the Silicon Roundabout' site around Old Street in London.