Firefox 5 release candidate now available

Firefox logo

A release candidate build of the new Firefox 5 browser has popped up for download on Mozilla's ftp server and is now available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

While the final browser is presumably being tinkered with ahead of its release on Tuesday 21 June, this candidate build is a full version of the software and has sprung up early for users to experience.

Firefox 5 isn't a big landmark update with only slight modification over its predecessor here and there easier and faster access to some of the more advanced privacy features is touted as one of the main changes.

Mozilla has lived up to its promises with a quickened pace of release, with only a three month gap since Firefox 4. This has allowed it to keep pace with customer demand and in line with competitors such as Google.

However, with Chrome leading by example with its auto-update feature - which is especially convenient for more low-key, less ground-breaking updates such as this latest Firefox build - it may leave users wondering when Mozilla will follow suit.