T-Mobile tops Ofcom customer service satisfaction list

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Everything Everywhere will be pleased with an Ofcom customer service poll, which ranked T-Mobile top and Orange in third.

T-Mobile received a satisfaction score of 72 per cent, with only nine per cent of those surveyed by Ofcom saying they were dissatisfied. Orange achieved 70 per cent satisfaction and 12 per cent dissatisfaction.

O2 was in second, equaling T-Mobile's satisfaction score, but 11 per cent were not happy with the company's customer service.

At the bottom of the pile of major mobile providers, 3 produced a satisfaction rating of 63 per cent, according to the Ofcom survey, carried out in February.

More of 3's customers contacted the company over the research period than any other. The company also had a higher proportion of complaints and fault issues than average.

However, of the top six providers, Vodafone ranked the highest dissatisfaction score, despite improving on satisfaction levels since 2009.

Vodafone said it had been working on a number of projects to turn the dissatisfaction around.

"Since this report, which was compiled almost six months ago, we have focused on areas which customers have told us they consider to be key, such as ensuring all queries are resolved with just one phone call. We have also implemented a new training programme for our customer care," a Vodafone spokesperson said.

"Staff which will further improve their knowledge and capability and ensure our customers will receive an even better service on the UK's best network."

Broadband results

Orange can also be happy with itself for broadband provision, achieving satisfaction scores notably higher than its rivals.

Over three quarters of customers said they were happy with customer service. In second place was Sky, with a 60 per cent satisfaction rating, followed by BT on 57 per cent.

TalkTalk was bottom of the top five, with the worst dissatisfaction rating of 23 per cent.

Changes in the law coming into force on Friday should help improve customers service from communications providers.

If a complaint remains unresolved after eight weeks, customers will have the right to go to a free, independent, Ofcom-approved resolution service, such as the Ombudsman Service.

Providers will be forced to inform those who have not had their complaint handled in that time about their new rights.

BT said it had already made moves to comply with the new rules.

"To comply with Ofcom's new rules, we have already revised and published our Complaints Code of Practice separately on bt.com, changed the wording on the back of our bills and given our advisers additional training," a spokesperson said.

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