Google celebrates its 13th birthday

Today we wish a Google a happy 13th birthday!

The exact date Google celebrates this occasion has changed over the years. However, in recent times, 27 September is the day the famous Google birthday doodle appears. Since 2002, Google has posted a different doodle each year to celebrate.

Today, Google's homepage marked its anniversary with the company's logo dressed in birthday hats sitting around a candle-filled birthday cake with balloons and presents.


Although today's doodle is simple, Google's doodles have been more complex on previous birthdays.

Indeed, in past years, Google has become well known for its attention-grabbing doodles. Some of the memorable ones include honoring John Lennon, Thomas Edison, Les Paul, Lucille Ball, Gregor Mendel and Freddie Mercury on their birthdays.



Les Paul

Google has had a lot to celebrate this year alone, including the long-awaited Chromebooks, announcing Larry Page would once again be Google's CEO, launching the +1 button before introducing the Google+ social network, acquiring Motorola Mobility, and earlier this month introducing a new flight feature.