Citrix Synergy 2011: Citrix results dwarfed by VMware

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Citrix announced its third quarter results on the final day of its annual European conference, showing it is still firmly in second place to VMware.

The figures showed positive improvements compared to previous quarters, with the $565 million (352 million) of revenues up 20 per cent from the $472 million revenues it made in the same period of 2010.

Product licence revenue was up 28 per cent and the online services division grew by an impressive 20 per cent.

However, the numbers didn't even come close to the $942 million rival virtualisation player VMware announced last week for the same quarter.

Spirits remained high on the conference floor though, with chief executive (CEO) of Citrix, Mark Templeton, being positive about his firm's progress.

"We are like a marathon runner we want to beat our fastest time and that's why Citrix is 23 years old," he said at a press conference.

"We are not trying to be like VMware. We are a differentiated, honest, honourable competitor that puts customers first, that's who we are."

Even with two acquisitions in the shape of ShareFile and AppDNA announced already for the fourth quarter, Citrix is confident it will bring in revenues between $610 million and $620 million over the next three months.

Again, this is nowhere near VMware, which is expecting to break the $1 billion mark at the end of the year. But with a bundle of new products announced at Citrix Synergy this week, it looks like the race is set to continue for a few more miles yet.

Jennifer Scott

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