CIF: Data security tops cloud concerns

cloud security

(Data security is the most significant concern users have when it comes to moving to the cloud.

This was the finding of the latest survey from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), which showed 62 per cent of its respondents citing the issue. Data privacy also reared its head, being quoted by 55 per cent of respondents as a significant concern.

As more legacy companies move to offer cloud computing as part of their portfolio, they have played down the concerns around security. However, even with industry heavyweights singing its security praises, customers are far from trusting the cloud model.

It is time to focus on giving customers solid answers to their security fears and removing the fear, uncertainty and doubt' from their minds, according to CIF member Simplexo.

The firm's chief technology officer (CTO), Simon Bain, said: "I am obviously a believer in using the cloud' as a way forward for both personal and corporate life."

"However, there are certain guidelines that I think need to be adhered to before we all start throwing our hard disks away and placing everything in to the hands of others."

He claimed the security in the cloud should be no different to the security of logging onto your bank account; something we almost take for granted.

"Security in all aspects of your on-line life is important and the cloud is no different," added Bain. "Just because you may not be logging in to your bank, does not mean that the security should be any weaker. Remember you may have placed your bank statements in the cloud!"

"It is security we should be focusing on this is the first and last thing that we and the providers should think about."

Other customer concerns highlighted in the study included dependence on internet connectivity 49 per cent confidence in the reliability of vendors 35 per cent and contract lock-in 34 per cent.