Symantec touts 100 times faster backup


Symantec today unveiled its latest backup solutions, with claims of higher speeds, lower costs and less complexity.

The company updated both its traditional software product - Backup Exec 2010 - and its cloud offering - Netbackup 7.5 - aiming to deal with the extra stress storage products are put under thanks to the data explosion of recent years.

"Customers' backup is not meeting their needs," Martin Warren, product marketing manager at Symantec, told IT Pro. "With tighter SLAs, higher data volumes and more complexity, users are managing two environments - virtual and physical - and backup is becoming less effective.

Customers' backup is not meeting their needs.

"With our updates, we address those issues."

Warren claimed Backup Exec 2012 backed-up data 100 times faster than its competitors due to more structured and efficient data storage, as well as incoporating deduplication at the software's core. The savings, he claimed, were "massive."

Symantec claimed by merging the physical and virtual backup into one product, as well as the deduplitcation and the ability to use the firm's cloud or in-house backup through one source, prices for a business can be reduced by 80 per cent.

"With SMBs, where resources and skills are limited, they need to get on with their businesses, rather than managing complex in-house IT," said Sharon White, another product marketing manager at Symantec.

"We offer them the [simpler] option, all in one."

Another feature in both backup programs is 'V-Ray' technology, acting like an x-ray to show complete visibility of the software under the hood.

Time to deploy has also sped up, with machines backing up within 20 minutes, and a simpler user interface has been introduced to focus on workflows and resources.

Backup Exec 2012 and NetBackup 7.5 are available today.

Jennifer Scott

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