Huddle launches ‘world first’ intelligent sync


Cloudy British collaboration and content management provider Huddle has launched a sync application designed to bring valuable data to business users a product it believes is an industry first.

Learning algorithms have already been working on customer accounts, so when they start using the Huddle Sync client it will begin pushing them relevant content from the mass of information they store in Huddle's datacentres.

Huddle Sync will be available from today for free for current customers. It will work on iOS devices as well as desktops, with an Android version coming at some point in the future.

Autonomy was very good at doing stuff behind the firewall and providing recommendation technologies, but they were never able to do it like Huddle can.

The patent for the "intelligent" syncing technology is currently pending, Huddle CEO Alastair Mitchell told IT Pro, claiming it was 20 times more difficult to create a business-ready sync product than one aimed at consumers.

"Every document in Huddle is shared, on average, with 20 people. What that means is that rather than it being a personal problem, it's me sharing with 20 people on their laptops, phones etc.," Mitchell said.

"Huddle Sync reimagines sync for the enterprise world. It comes at a completely different angle to personal sync."

As for how it differs from consumer offerings like Dropbox, Mitchell pointed to security. For starters, the data itself is encrypted at 256-bit SSL, meaning it is protected on the device and in transition. Huddle Sync also features a remote wipe capability.

The real differentiator is the "intelligent" functionality, however.

"We push content to your device intelligently depending on what you actually need to see," Mitchell added.

"It does this automatically in the background, so you don't even know it's happening. You don't have to pull it down from the server.

"It also recommends content to you as it figures out what you might want to see. This will give you information you wouldn't even be able to find on a shared drive. That's really a world first."

The Huddle CEO said his company's ambition was to become the Autonomy of the cloud.

"Autonomy was very good at doing stuff behind the firewall and providing recommendation technologies, but they were never able to do it like Huddle can," he added.

See below for Huddle's video on its new Sync service:

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