Toshiba launches EXCERIA memory cards

Toshiba SD cards

Toshiba has announced high capacity memory cards to try to take advantage of the growing call for more storage in personal devices.

There are three ranges within the newly formed EXCERIA family, consisting of Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) and Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards. These are the same size and format of standard SD cards, but the capacities can reach far higher numbers than the standard versions.

Toshiba claimed the launch was inspired by Japanese analyst firm Techno System Research, which released a study stating SD cards now held 90 per cent of the memory market in personal devices.

Now, however, people require better performance for the likes of HD video and larger capacities to handle the vast number of files they are recording onto their devices.

The first range in the EXCERIA family and cream of the crop - Type 1 - will launch in July this year. It will come with capacities of 8GB, 16GB or 32GB, whilst offering maximum read speeds of 95MB per second (MBps) and maximum write speeds of 90MBps.

Toshiba claims the newly integrated controllers in Type 1 means these speeds are the fastest on the market.

Throughput will become a key factor in high performance devices.

Following the Type 1 launch, Type 2 will be brought out in August, offering the same 95MBps read speeds but slower write speeds maxing out at 60MBps. Capacities rise, however, to either 16GB, 32GB or 64GB.

Before any of these though, the EXCERIA Type HD range will have a split launch between April and May 2012. The read speed is reduced to 90MBps and write to 30MBps, but the yet to be announced pricing is likely to reflect this drop in performance.

Capacities come in at 8GB and 16GB - to launch in April - as well as 32GB - to launch in May.

Chris Evans, consultant with Langton Blue, told IT Pro the EXCERIA ranges would open new doors for Toshiba and encourage growth in specific markets.

"Whilst not really a game-changer,' Toshiba's devices will find applications in other [new] areas, such as the emerging low cost PC market, which uses the SD format," he said.

"We're not seeing any increase in capacity with these new devices (Toshiba previously released 64GB cards in 2010) but throughput will become a key factor in high performance devices."

The EXCERIA card launch dates are so far only for Japan. We asked Toshiba when they would become available in the UK but have yet to receive an answer. We will update you when we know the launch date.

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