AppSense responds to BYOD security fears with DataNow

BYOD on a laptop

AppSense has added a new layer to its user virtualisation platform, DataNow, to allow businesses to introduce secure bring your own device (BYOD) schemes.

The product enables end users to access the data they have stored within a company's on-premise infrastructure via mobile and desktop devices, while complying with security and regulatory requirements.

"Users moving from [a] laptop to something like the iPad often have no easy option for accessing corporate data on the server, so...[they'll] email files to themselves or use some type of consumer cloud service that could be inconsistent with IT policy," Doug Lane, product manager at AppSense told IT Pro.

"With DataNow, what we have built is a virtual compliance component for the IT teams in their datacentre. It gives the users anywhere access to their data, whether they are on a Windows PC, a Mac, an iPad, or an Android device," he added.

The product can be added to an organisation's existing IT infrastructure within minutes and works with Windows, Mac and Android native apps, claims AppSense.

David Roussain, vice president of product marketing at AppSense, said: "DataNow Essentials is the first product to meet this growing [BYOD] challenge without forcing an immediate move to cloud or wholesale data migration to overlay storage infrastructure.

"Instead, it unlocks new value from existing investments, providing a great experience for users without sacrificing IT simplicity and control," he added.

The product is available immediately and will be showcased at VMWorld 2012 in San Fransisco.

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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