Debenhams launches Quest to solve email overload


High Street retailer Debenhams has enlisted the help of Quest Software's archiving offering to help its staff cope with the deluge of emails they receive each day.

The company claims to have recorded a 200 per cent annual increase in the number of emails its 29,000 UK staff receive, as its online ordering business grows.

To help the company cope, the firm has been relying on Quest's Archive Manager product, which allows certain emails to be stored on less expensive storage devices.

The offering has already been tested by Debenhams' Spring Spectacular event, which resulted in the firm's servers having to process an additional 500,000 emails.

The retailer claims deploying Quest's product has led to a 49 per cent reduction in the firm's storage requirements.

Kevin Norlin, vice president and general manager for EMEA, said: "Quest has been selected to deliver a prestigious retailer...with the tools it needs to support its IT department with this growing email demand, and to ensure its customers have the seamless experience they expect."