IDF 2012: Intel continues to pace itself in mobile market

Intel IDF

Intel is committed to the smartphone market, having invested heavily in the Android platform, according to Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager of Intel.

Despite not announcing any new smartphones or tablets, or giving any sales figures for devices such the Medfield powered Orange San Diego, Perlmutter claimed Intel is making headway in the mobile market.

"We're making steady progress on our phone products. We launched with five partners earlier this year and we're going to announce more. We have a very competitive roadmap that we are going to launch next year."

Perlmutter told attendees at IDF that Intel has invested heavily in Android and will continue to roll out and optimise the OS for its chipsets.

"Intel is one of the biggest contributors, if not the biggest one to the open source community. [Android] is not something new to us, we know this code, and much of it was created on Intel architecture," he continued.

"The porting of Android to x86 architecture is done by Intel. We have a lot of investment in Android from tuning the core to getting all the applications [from Google Market]."

However, with Apple tipped to gatecrash IDF by launching the iPhone 5 on 12 September, almost certainly using an ARM-based processor, Intel still has a long way to go before it can truly be satisfied with its performance in the mobile market.

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