Google launches project to simplify web development

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Google has announced the alpha release of its latest initiative, Web Platform Docs. The new offering will make it easier for developers to build something for the web and ensure it is compatible across browsers and operating systems, the company said.

Google describes Web Platform Docs as a "community driven site that aims to become the comprehensive and authoritative source for web developer documentation". Anyone can contribute to the platform, however the primary contributors so far have been a group of technology giants, known as stewards, which includes Apple, Microsoft, HP and W3C.

Alex Komoroske, product manager on Chrome's open web platform team, said: "The founding members of Web Platforms Docs have all already provided a lot of content for the site to help get this effort off to a strong start. However, collectively, we've barely scratched the surface. We decided that it would be better to open up Web Platform Docs to the community as early as possible, so that everyone ... can help expand and refine the documentation, and ultimately define the direction of the site."

Tim Berners-Lee, director of W3C and creator of the world wide web, said: "People in the web community including browser makers, authoring tool makers, and leading edge developers and designers have tremendous experience and practical knowledge about the web. Web Platform Docs is an ambitious project where all of us who are passionate about the web can share knowledge and help one another."

Jane McCallion
Deputy Editor

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