Webroot launches smartphone protection suite for SMBs


Security firm Webroot has launched a protection suite designed for use by SMBs to secure Android and iOS platforms from attack.

Webroot SecureAnyWhere Business Mobile Protection aims to allow IT admins to secure and manage employee devices from a web-based console.

The software is powered by the Webroot Intelligence Network and is able to scan apps, files and SD cards, as well as block malicious content from the web. As part of Webroot's multi-layered approach, the firm monitors over 200GB of unique data every day to keep track of the latest threats.

In terms of management, IT admins can lock/unlock, wipe, locate and trigger a siren to help users find, recover or immobilise a device.

Logging into the cloud-based interface lets admins see the make/model of device and protection status. It is also possible to push through definition updates and see the history of the device.

The aim is to provide a secure experience for users without impacting on battery or performance.

As protection is cloud-based, businesses do not need to invest in any on-premise infrastructure. The suite is also scalable so SMBs can continue to use it as they grow and add more devices to the fleet.

Sara Foley, product management director at Webroot noted that mobile protection is becoming increasingly important as the popularity of BYOD policies increases.

"In 2011, we saw a sharp increase in mobile attacks. We're seeing legitimate apps being repackaged with malware, especially within the Android ecosystem," Foley told IT Pro.

"The types of threats will continue to increase, and we're seeing that users need protection against web-based threats on their mobile devices, not just apps."

The mobile protection suite blocks phishing websites if a user unwittingly clicks on a link. It is also possible to block text messages that contain malicious URLs.

The software also monitors apps to see if they are accessing sensitive data, tracking device location, sending emails/texts or draining the battery.

"The aim is to provide a secure experience for users without impacting on the battery or performance of the device," Foley added.

Webroot SecureAnyWhere Business Mobile is available on the Android (2.2+) and iOS (4.2+), with a Windows Phone 8 app possibly in the pipeline. The firm offers a 30-day free trial, but prices will depend on the number of devices.

In terms of licensing, the company confirmed that users can expect to pay around 3 per device per month.

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