Segway issues near-total recall

Segway has issued a blanket recall on all its models after a software glitch was found which made them unstable.

The problem causes the wheels to suddenly go into reverse and so far the company has had six reports of head or arm injuries from using the transporter. The trigger seems to be if a user stops the Segway sharply, steps off and then attempts to remount.

"Segway is offering a free software upgrade to address this issue," said the company in a statement.

"In the meantime, please do not ride your Segway PT(s) until after the revised software is installed. Even after receiving the revised software upgrade it is important to use safe riding practices as described in your Safety Video and Riders' Guide/Getting Started Manual."

The only model unaffected is the Segway X2 off road model, launched in August. The recall does not say if this fault was what caused the US president to fall off his Segway.