BEA gives timeline for shift to microservices

BEA Systems has been detailing the timeline for its shift to a new microService architecture (MSA) on its new platform SOA 360.

The platform will see BEA's current products Tuxedo, WebLogic and AquaLogic made available within a single collaborative framework called Workspace 360. This would allow teams working in the environment. Plans announced today envisage the product being sold by next summer.

"Workspace 360 supports all our products and we are building right now," said Alfred Chuang, founder of BEA Systems.

"It aims to bring analyst, architect, developer and IT operator together using the same set of tools. Over the next two year 100 per cent of our products will run on MSA."

The first alpha code for the new platform will be shown at the BEAWorld conference. The first commercially available code will be available towards the middle of next year or slightly later according to BEA's technology evangelist Martin Percival.

Percival continued that the company is actively looking to recruit the open source community to develop third party applications and tools to use in the 360 space.