iPhone Touch ID lets users unlock Macs remotely

A new app for the iPhone FingerKey will allow Mac users to remotely unlock their computer using the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The app works with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and users can use their phone's fingerprint sensor to unlock their computer remotely, eliminating the need to type in a password to gain access. It is currently priced at 1.49.

Touch ID had only previously been useful for unlocking iPhones where it is featured and for authenticating purchases from the App Store and iTunes.

This comes as a result of Apple opening up Touch ID to third-party developers, with FingerKey emerging as one of the more interesting and potentially useful utilisations of the feature created so far.

The app also lets users unlock multiple computers from their phone and, judging by the app's iTunes page, is focused on offering security and convenience with more features to be added later. On the list of things "coming soon" is compatibility with Windows and Linux devices.

The app will encrypt any information sent between the iPhone and Mac, maintaining security.

Security app 1Password recently launched an iOS 8 extension with Touch ID support, which allows its features to be used in third party apps automatically.

Caroline Preece

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