Apple doubles iOS apps size limit

iPhone users with limited device memory will have to start double-checking before downloading iOS apps, as Apple has raised the size limit from 2GB to 4GB.

This is the first time Apple has raised the size limit on iOS applications since the Apple Store opened in 2008, and is likely a move to make the most of the advanced specs of newer iPhones and iPads.

Announcing the change on the site's developers page, Apple said: "The size limit of an app package submitted through iTunes Connect has increased from 2GB to 4GB, so you can include more media in your submission and provide a more complete, rich user experience upon installation.

"Please keep in mind that this change does not affect the cellular network delivery size limit of 100 MB."

Apple launched the Metal development tool, enabling developers to create iOS apps with better graphics, in September, and this doubling of the size limit could be a response to this.

Richer apps with more features sounds like a positive step for quality improvement, but devices with limited memory may run into unexpected problems.

A recent lawsuit taken out against Apple for misrepresenting the storage on the 16GB iPhone claimed that on such devices up to 23 per cent of the advertised space is occupied by iOS.

The claimants said: "Apple's misrepresentations and omissions are deceptive and misleading because they omit material facts that an average consumer would consider in deciding whether to purchase its products."

Caroline Preece

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