Paul Maplesden

Paul Maplesden

Paul is a highly experienced professional writer who creates extensively researched, expert, and in-depth guides across business, finance, and technology. 

Paul loves the challenge of taking complex subjects and breaking them down so they are easily understood. He specializes in creating content spanning a variety of formats, including website copy, blogs, knowledge bases, white papers, support guides, tutorials, and in-depth articles. 

Boasting over 20 years of business experience working across large corporations, Paul also started his own business in 2006. This gives him a unique, first-hand understanding of the challenges businesses and entrepreneurs face. 

At present, Paul serves as lead content strategist at GEODIS, where he is responsible for leading the growth marketing content strategy for GEODIS America. This includes the creation of marketing materials, white papers, articles, and in-depth content in addition to end-to-end project management for marketing programs. 

Prior to his role at GEODIS, he served in a variety of roles at AXA UK, including as IT service communications manager, and latterly as content communications manager, where he led organizational culture and change programs.

Paul’s party trick is that he can quote 'The Princess Bride' in its entirety and believes the secret to good writing is a steady supply of Earl Grey tea.

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