Simplifying working together

Simplifying working together

The more a business grows, the harder it is for people to work together. It's not a question of personality, but proximity. Starting a business in a garage may be Spartan, but at least you can see when colleagues are free for a quick chat or leave a note on their desk. As soon as you have more rooms, a satellite office, homeworkers, a roving sales force, it isn't so easy any more especially if economic conditions force you to cut back on office space and spend more time on the road chasing new business.

Technology has grown to offer a multitude of ways to communicate, but the irony is, without co-ordinated communications, this can make things worse. With fixed and mobile phones, e-mail, text messaging, instant messages and fax, there are simply more ways to miss' someone.

What's needed is a return to the days when everyone was within reach, but without having to be there in person. That's the principle behind Unified Communications (UC): a solution that brings all modes of fixed and mobile communication under one roof, and which identifies the best way to reach somebody right now.

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