Accenture makes its third acquisition of 2020 with Revolutionary Security buy

Accenture has acquired Revolutionary Security for an undisclosed sum, marking the third cybersecurity purchase the professional services firm has made this calendar year.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in the greater Philadelphia area, Revolutionary Security employs 90 highly skilled cybersecurity professionals across the US and serves a variety of clients in the energy, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and communications industries.

Revolutionary Security’s cybersecurity services include assessment and testing-related services, security program and function design and creation, and security operations across its clients’ information and operational technology systems.

By leveraging its proprietary tools, Revolutionary Security’s methods help to improve its clients’ security capabilities.

Rich Mahler, president and CEO of Revolutionary Security shared, “The opportunity to become part of Accenture Security will enable us to deliver more complete solutions to our clients and expand our services to even more clients globally.

"We’re excited to be joining a leading provider in cybersecurity services and look forward to working together to help clients solve their toughest challenges in IT and OT security.”

Cybersecurity has become increasingly important over the past few years, as many organizations have transitioned to the cloud and implemented remote workforces. The rise of coronavirus has hyper-accelerated this, revealing many companies are in dire need of more robust remote capabilities and improved overall security. This acquisition will provide Accenture’s clients with exactly that.

“The acquisition of Revolutionary Security is another demonstration of our continued commitment to invest in areas to keep our clients safe from cyber threats,” said Kelly Bissell, global managing director at Accenture Security.

“Revolutionary Security’s service offerings are a perfect complement to Accenture’s portfolio, and the acquisition furthers our mission of helping clients better protect and defend their organizations across their entire ecosystem.”

Just last month, Accenture acquired Context Information Security. Other acquisitions have included Symantec’s Cyber Security Services, Deja vu Security, iDefense, Maglan, Redcore, Arismore, and FusionX.