Citrix appoints 30-year tech vet Bob Calderoni as interim CEO

The Citrix logo on its headquarters

Citrix has named board chairman Bob Calderoni as interim CEO and president, replacing David Henshall, who had held both roles since 2017.

The changes will take effect "immediately", the company said in a statement, which also thanked Henshall for his service.

Henshall's tenure at the company covered its transition to the cloud and "significant" improvements to products and SaaS offerings, the firm said. His work was also "instrumental" in helping the company and its employees navigate the pandemic. He has also held CFO and COO roles since joining the company in 2003.

"The entire Board thanks him for his contributions over nearly 20 years," said Calderoni.

"We remain focused on transitioning the business to SaaS as we work to securely deliver a unified work experience for our valued customers. I look forward to leading the company into its next phase of growth and success, and I am confident that this will be a smooth leadership transition."

Calderoni brings over 30 years of executive experience in the technology sector, including seven as a director of Citrix. He has previously worked as interim CEO, holding the position from 2015 to 2016, before Henshall's appointment. The company's lead independent director, Nanci Caldwell, called him a "natural choice" to lead the Company at this time.

"Bob knows our products, markets, customers and culture," Caldwell said. "The board is confident he is the right person to drive the company's continued transformation and deliver value to our shareholders."


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In a final note, Henshall also praised Calderoni, referring to him as a "strong leader" who is deeply familiar with Citrix.

"I'm incredibly proud of what we've accomplished together and confident that the company will continue to innovate and deliver for all stakeholders under Bob's leadership," said Henshall.

There were further changes at board level, with Dr Ajei Gopal departing the company after four-years. This was to avoid any potential conflicts of interest that could arise due to him holding both president and CEO positions at another company, Ansys, where Calderoni is also a board member.

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