BMC acquires data integration firm StreamWeaver

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BMC has acquired data integration solutions provider StreamWeaver for an undisclosed sum.

StreamWeaver’s plug-and-play data capabilities enhance BMC's artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps), allowing customers to improve incident response times, automate remediation, and streamline DevOps and ServiceOps.

The BMC-StreamWeaver merger will also provide customers with the ability to apply BMC’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analytics capabilities to rich data from multiple tools and technologies within their IT environments, packaged seamlessly into the BMC Helix platform.

Through its hyper-automation workflow engine, BMC Helix allows native, configurable, and automated workflows to be added to business processes, freeing up resources and boosting efficiency. Additionally, the platform lowers operational costs with its centralized, expanded lake of shared data, databases, and reporting solutions.

"With BMC's strong commitment to advancing differentiated AIOps capabilities and building a modern, cloud-native, and consolidated platform, our choice to join forces was clear from our first conversations," said Clay Roach, StreamWeaver CEO.

"Combining StreamWeaver's broad set of integrations with the BMC Helix Platform allows customers to bring data in from their existing tools and technology investments and also benefit from advanced AIOps analytics for enhanced root cause isolation and policy-driven automated remediation. The StreamWeaver team and I are excited to see this vision come together as a part of BMC."


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StreamWeaver is BMC's sixth acquisition in three years.

"Data is paramount when it comes to successful AIOps initiatives, and StreamWeaver's integration capabilities allow customers to maximize the value of their BMC Helix Platform by accelerating and extending the variety, diversity, and volume of data collections from their deployments," said Ali Siddiqui, chief product officer at BMC.

"Together, we can help companies apply AI to use their data more efficiently and uncover insights to quickly make critical decisions that will help them become Autonomous Digital Enterprises."