CloudApps SuMo packs a sustainable punch

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Sustainability software firm CloudApps has taken the wraps off a new employee engagement app that uses game theory to reward good behaviour.

The company's SuMo app is available via the Apple App Store and is delivered via CloudApps’ existing Sustainability Suite, which aims to increase employee engagement and help companies meet their corporate sustainability goals.

As Cloud Apps CEO Peter Grant explained at the app's UK launch event, companies will not be able to transform all employees into eco-warriors and dedicated volunteers at the flick of a switch, but the app could help mould their existing behaviour.

The interface, which was trialled by Cloud Pro, allows employees to make pledges, such as taking part in the three peaks challenge, car pooling or cycling to work, and receive virtual rewards in return.

Scheme participants are then listed on a leader board, based on how many points they have been rewarded for each pledge they have made. Management can monitor employee engagement and overall cost and carbon savings via a console environment.

Employees’ completion of their pledges, such as flying economy class or taking mass transit instead of private hire vehicles, can be monitored through the company’s expenses system, with rewards and recognition handed out accordingly.

SuMo also features an idea management platform, where users can submit their own ideas to improve corporate sustainability.

The application has been built on the platform and companies trialling the beta version have demonstrated a nine per cent reduction in travel costs and a 10 per cent reduction in energy spend, CloudApps reports.

Peter Grant, Cloud Apps CEO, said: “SuMo is a clear expression of CloudApps’ vision for motivating entire workforces to become more sustainable by becoming more profitable. The proven results we are now seeing ... prove this is not just an exciting app for employees, but a key management tool that takes sustainability from an abstract top-down discipline to a bottom up approach delivering real results.”

Jane McCallion
Managing Editor

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